Traditional consulting services consider IAM only an implementation project. Those projects, however, are often troubled by an endless open account and a lack of accountability and predictability.

We found that the miaa managed services are backed by a strong service level agreement with predictability of results, timing and financials.

In my opinion, the SaaS and IDaaS providers of the Gartner Magic Quadrant just moved IAM software to the cloud. It does take over the low level maintenance and monitoring issues. Maintaining the user profile scheme, the access rules and the local integration still need to be managed by your ICT team.

We found that miaa also manages carefully and agilely very crucial processes, such as access rule maintenance, user delegation and branding maintenance.

CIO of a publishing company

A miaa testimony of a CIO

We have had many identity & access management initiatives, and we have many websites with their own user registration. miaa helped us bring order in this landscape. They have proven their ability to deploy with faster turn-around times and with best practice. And, we now know that IAM expertise is now only a phone call away.

COO of a publisher