Taking care of digital access

We take pride in succesfully designing, implementing, integrating and running Identity and Access Management solutions. We deploy off-the-shelf Customer Identity Management platforms and we provide world-class Customer Access Management components.

Based in the Brussels region we have implemented ‘managed solutions’ throughout the world: from India to Poland and from France to the U.S. We are proud of our customers and have been taking care of their digital access from start to success: tailor-made, deeply integrated, robust and fast in time-to-value.

miaa Guard is renowned for its premium managed access services. Since 2009, we provide advisory and technical services in the management of single sign-on, user identities and access policies. And we do take on end-to-end responsibility: from Plan to Build to Run.

Our management team brings together seasoned entrepreneurs and passionate professionals in information security. Each member has worked in critical business environments that require listening, discipline, creativity, business savviness, communication skills and affinity with financials.

With over 15 years of relevant experience each, and with proven track-records in leading consulting practices and managed service companies, miaa Guard’s leadership team now shapes the next generation in information security: managed identity & access governance services.

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