miaa Guard offers access-as-a-service for IoT, MedTech, FinTech and RegTech. This cloud authorisation broker excels with its security, scalability and simplified sophistication.

Strong leadership

Our leadership team is comprised of industry leaders and domain experts, bringing decades of cumulative insight and experience to our customers.

Carlo Schüpp and Ward Duchamps founded miaa Guard in 2010 with a mission to let enterprises benefit from solid access control and to take away the burden of implementing it. Carlo and Ward have a strong background in security and access management, with experience in assuring security in the medical and pharmaceutical sector, designing security for online banking platforms, and managing certificates for qualified electronic signatures.

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A new model to manage access

With miaa Guard, we take pride in our cloud-based solution that tackles one of the biggest challenges of digital transformation: “How can I open up my services digitally and introduce the sharing of digital records and smart devices, while keeping access under strict control and with respect to privacy regulations, and while scaling up to millions of end users with a mix of businesses, professionals and consumers.”

Based on years of experience with implementing a variety of identity & access platforms at enterprise customers, our team built an innovative “person-driven access management” platform. miaa Access offers API’s that introduce a unique access model to respond to the challenges mentioned above:

  • the model is designed for intuitive self-service and self-healing workflows.
  • the model derives access rights on-the-spot using people’s attributes and relations.
  • the model serves end users that can be consumers and professionals and even employees.
  • the model is designed from the ground up with user-managed authorisation, also known as fine-grained consent.
  • the model builds on the relations that users have with an asset, which may be a subscription, a smart device, a patient record, or an insurance policy.
  • the model further builds on academic research of deriving access rights using relationships between people.

As such, miaa Access scales to tens of millions of users. Typical customers are global brands with an ecosystem they want to leverage, the sharing economy players, the MedTech and FinTech sectors, and the sector of smart devices.

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Looking for sparkling people

Based in the Brussels region, miaa Guard implements its access-as-a-service throughout the world: from India to Poland and from France to the U.S. We are proud in enabling our enterprise customers to innovate with disruptive digital services.

We want to extend our team with smart, creative, resourceful people who help build our platform and help our customers through their digital transformation.

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