LEUVEN, Belgium, January 3, 2019 — miaa Guard is very proud to announce we secured 3 million EUR of funding. This announcement caps nine years of strong, sustained momentum in our worldwide business and we want to say a big *thank you* to our loyal customers.

Our platform for customer access management has proven to be unique and filling a gap not filled by identity & access management vendors. The gap can be summarised as: how can I control access to cloud applications in a fine-grained way that scales up to tens of millions of users. In fact, how can I let my consumers and my professionals manage access for other users in relation to, for example, patient records, smart devices, insurance policies, employee records, magazine subscriptions, and video streams.

Our customers realised that resolving this challenge with traditional techniques is hard. Our platform, however, has allowed them to beat the challenge and to innovate disruptively. They were able, for example to transform from animal food production to animal care; to transform from appliance production to appliance care; and to transform from transport to passenger care. Resolving the challenge of scalable access management also enables innovating services in the sharing economy. An example is making private charging units for e-cars publicly accessible. Another example is using virtual assistants on mobiles to be used to access smart devices in a controlled way.

Now that our access model has been proven in the field with global enterprise customers, it is time to further industrialise our proposition and to grab the market while it enfolds. So, we decided to strengthen our capital position. This first capital round has been led by Capricorn and has been extended to include Pamica, the investment vehicle of Michel Akkermans.