To accelerate the deployment of digital access, miaa Guard developed accelerator and plug-in modules for Identity Management Platforms. These components belong to the miaa Cloudware suite and are managed components: we tailor, maintain and operate them on your behalf as an outsourced service. Note that miaa Cloudware-for-Janrain is certified and warranted by Janrain: see Vendors.

Super-scalable access control

To make access control manageable at super-scale level with user populations from ten of thousands to tens of millions, we offer proven components that we tailor for you and plug into your Identity Management Platform.

  • miaa PolicyChecker enables harmonised and externalised secure access control enforcement. It provides ‘access decisions’ for coarse-grained access control, fine-grained access control, and conditional progressive profiling. It enables, for example, role-based access control. It also enables secure progressive profiling whereby a user will be asked to enter further details before access is granted.
  • miaa PrivateGroups enables users to self-administer private communities, such as a household or a corporate department sharing a subscription, a common appliance, or common mandates.
  • miaa ProfileValidator enables self-declaration of access right claims, for example ‘role’ or ‘subscription’. It performs secure, real-time validation of the claims against your CRM or an internal or external authoritative source and even a workflow. This allows users to administer their roles while your back-end verifies the user’s claim of such roles such as ‘prospect’, ‘retail customer’, ‘corporate customer’, ‘employee’.
  • miaa LoginEnhancer is a managed plug-in that works hand-in-hand with the miaa Widget. It provides conditional two-factor authentication and can encourage and even demand users to improve their password.
  • miaa TokenIssuer enables stateless sessions and super-scalable access control. It hands out an ID-token to a front-end browser, web server and mobile app in a controlled way.
  • miaa UserEngager helps you gain as many registered profiles as possible. This plug-in invites people to register based on sources of e-mail addresses, such as newsletters, contest participations and conference attendance lists.

Accelerated deep integration

You probably want deep integration of access control and identity management into your environment. Of course, your front-end and back-end systems are very specific and very different from other organisations. To achieve deep integration, we offer proven components that we tailor for you and plug into your Identity Management Platform.

  • miaa Self-service App delivers a set of tailored browser widgets with concrete guidance to front-end developers. While language, style and contents may differ from brand to brand or country to country, its management system enables an accelerated roll-out for a series of brands, different countries, different languages and different audiences based on a single master.
  • miaa PushConnector propagates profile updates to back-end applications in real-time. This plug-in has proven to facilitate an identity-centric enterprise architecture and to accelerate the onboarding of any API-enabled back-end platform. Moreover, its retry logic ensures that updates are effectively processed by the target system.
  • miaa AppConnector provides the miaa Self-service App with a server-side component that enables the widget to directly access back-end applicationson behalf of an authenticated user in a secure and privacy-protective way.
  • miaa HouseKeeper to execute periodic clean-ups and periodic transfer of data to back-end systems, such as for legacy CRM systems, and platforms for event analysis and business intelligence.