Managed front-to-back connection

This managed service enables you to include back-end information directly in the user interface onto your Identity Management platform.

The AppConnector provides the miaa Widget with a server-side component to directly access back-end applications on behalf of an authenticated user in a secure and privacy-protective way.

This way the widget can display information from a back-end system and can update a back-end system with new user-entered information. In real-time. And secured.

Examples are fields that are maintained by a CRM and digital marketing hubs (e.g. SalesForce, Epsilon) and by campaign and newsletter management platforms (e.g. Selligent, Sendinblue, SmartFocus).

Note: All Personally identifiable information (PII) is persistently stored in the Identity Management platform only and miaa Cloudware does not persistently store any PII. Even though PII can temporarily occur in volatile memory, it is not kept in any database of the miaa Cloudware.

Managed lifecycle

The miaa AppConnector is designed, set-up and operated using our Taking care managed lifecycle.

During the Build phase, our integration services will:

  • Set up the API calls to the target back-end system
  • Coordinate with back-end IT and the Identity Management Platform vendor and any third party platform vendor in scope
  • Tailor the configuration settings and API endpoints
  • Test the end-to-end connection between the Identity Management platform and the target back-end system