Accelerators and plug-ins

We developed a number of plug-ins for Identity Management Platforms, including:

These SaaS-based plug-ins are ‘managed’ components generically called miaa Cloudware. To ensure optimal solutions, we provide dedicated test and acceptance environments that are not just sandboxes but reflections of the production system.

miaa Cloudware is fully managed, delivers high availability above 99,99% and comes at a TCO that is a fraction of on-premise or custom-coded solutions. The miaa Cloudware even comes with a zero-day escrow option. Additionally, miaa Cloudware-for-Janrain is certified and warranted by Janrain.

As a managed component, we tailor the miaa Cloudware with our Build procedures and manage its life-cycle through our Run procedures. The Build phase is measured by the complexity of the business rules, the data mapping rules and other metrics depending on the cloudware component. The Run phase is measured by the number of user profiles and whether it is a front-end or a back-end integration.

Our unique super-scalability means that we turn costly back office administration into self-administration that is done by the end-users themselves. We achieve this by bolstering consumer web techniques with strong security and control. We add post registration validation with your back-end systems and avoid unreliable browser-based logic.

Managed plan-build-run cycle


We take care of the design and the integration patterns during the Plan. This includes establishing how the component fits in the overall enterprise architecture:

  • Establishes and documents data format, data semantics, business rules and operational rules
  • Establishes and documents the default business logic to deal with time-outs, retries, failed attempts
  • Coordinates with IT, the vendor of the Identity Management Platform and any third party platform providers in scope


We take care of integrating the managed access solution during the Build. This includes tailoring miaa Cloudware to your use cases and your IT and web environment. As such, we undertake to:

  • Tailor the profile data schema of the user profile to accommodate data to be synchronised, converted or validated
  • Tailor the data translation logic inside the miaa Cloudware
  • Tailor and configures the API’s of the miaa Cloudware
  • Prepare test data and run integration tests


We take care of the managed access solution and ensures continuous operation thanks to 24×7 monitoring and alerting during the Run. The monitoring includes uptime, connection-loss and capacity utilisation.

The operations of the miaa Cloudware is fully adopting an auditable ISO 27001 ISMS. Security settings and accounts and all API secrets and certificates of the miaa Cloudware core, are managed using the miaa Vault.

To achieve optimal availability, response times and scalability, miaa Guard also rents capacity at Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build on their SLA’s. Furthermore, our ISMS builds on the security warranted by the ISO 27001 certificate of Amazon. The Amazon instance is selected based on the region(s) of the Client, e.g. Ireland for Europe and the Middle East.

Any personally identifiable information (PII) is persistently stored in the Identity Management Platform only; miaa Cloudware does not persistently store any PII. In fact, PII can temporarily occur in volatile memory only, not in any database of the miaa Cloudware.