Zero-Day escrow

We offer our customers a zero-day escrow option for the miaa Cloudware. This escrow option is unique and provides full assurance on continued availability of all data and all programming logic.

To achieve zero-day recovery, miaa Guard has established an escrow arrangement. The escrow is registered and invoked (when needed) by the Associated Notaries Public of Berquin, at Lloyd Georgelaan 11, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. This arrangement is based on an ‘escrow package’ that is deposited at the notary and that contains the secure two-factor token to access the miaa Vault, the miaa Cloudware administrative consoles and all miaa programming documentation.


With our Zero-Day escrow, you obtain the guarantee that the miaa Cloudware keeps operating under all circumstances, even in disaster situations.

In fact, compared to traditional escrow agreements, miaa Zero-Day Escrow offers:

  • Storage of Source Code, thanks to direct access to the most current and historic source code base
  • Production servers ready to go live, thanks to direct access to the production environment as it was already running for Customer
  • Secure automatic deposits, because all production data is already installed
  • Test Plan Verification, because no tests are needed thanks to direct access to the production environment that has proven to be running

Additionally, miaa Zero-Day Escrow executes the following tasks:

  • miaa Guard updates the complete As-Built documentation on a continuous basis so as to enable the escrow agent to immediately take over its operations, monitoring, and configuration.
  • miaa Guard documents the logic of the miaa Cloudware on a continuous basis so as to enable the escrow agent to immediately take over its maintenance.
  • miaa Guard protects the production data with keys, passwords and secrets available to the escrow agent for the latter to immediately take over all support.