Managed job scheduling

miaa HouseKeeper is managed plug-in for an Identity Management platform. It periodically executes activities on the Identity Management platform. For example, it facilitates periodic clean up of user profiles as well as periodic provision of reports and batch-files for back-end systems.

miaa HouseKeeper is configured with business rules tailored for your use cases. Some examples:

  • catch updates from the Identity Management platform and construct a file on a periodic basis to update a back-end system in batch. For example, it can collect user all changes according to certain criteria such as ‘field-A and field-B have changed since last query’.
  • query the Identity Management platform and construct a report on a periodic basis. For example, it can collect user-ids according to certain criteria such as ‘user has not logged in during N days’.
  • verify and update user profiles in the Identity Management platform on a periodic basis. For example, it can delete user profiles when certain rules are met such as ‘e-mail address not confirmed within N days’ and ‘provisional account has been replaced with definitive account’.

Note: All Personally identifiable information (PII) is persistently stored in the Identity Management Platform only and miaa Cloudware does not persistently store any PII. Even though PII can temporarily occur in volatile memory, it is not kept in any database of the miaa Cloudware.

Managed lifecycle

The miaa HouseKeeper is designed, set-up and operated using our Taking care managed lifecycle.

During the Build phase, our integration services will:

  • Set up the API calls to the Identity Management platform
  • Coordinate with back-end IT and the Identity Management Platform vendor and any third party platform vendor in scope
  • Tailor the configuration settings, the file drop point, the rules and the periodic scheduling
  • Test the end-to-end, periodic production of files.