Controlled Access Sharing

The key to success of large scale web platforms is self-service for the user. miaa Guard extends the self-service capabilities of an Identity Management Platform to enable users to self-administer their own communities. Communities can exist thanks to a usage and caring role for a common asset, such as a household subscription, an appliance, a pet or a loyalty card. Such implicit communities are made explicit and maintainable by miaa PrivateGroups.

The miaa PrivateGroups plug-in, belonging to the miaa Cloudware suite, has proven to enable new business models and ecosystem building in cases such as:

  • sharing the maintenance role for an appliance, and connect appliance owners with professionals such as the vendor, the store and the technicians
  • sharing the monitoring role of internet-of-things, and connect building owners with professionals such as the vendor, the technicians and the alarm centre
  • sharing a subscriptions between the payer and family members or team members, such as magazines, e-books, video streams, music and other paid content
  • sharing a caring role for animals, plants, vehicles or buildings, and connect the owner with caretakers
  • sharing an employment relationship between the HR manager and the employees and subcontractors
  • sharing a loyalty scheme between the card owner and the family members, and shops
  • sharing membership to a club or association, and connect members.

Please refer to EcosystemAppliance registration and Sharing access for typical use cases.

Also refer to miaa ProfileValidator that enables users to self-declare a role which can be vetted against a back-end system or back-office process.

Note: All Personally identifiable information (PII) is persistently stored in the Identity Management Platform only and miaa Cloudware does not persistently store any PII. Even though PII can temporarily occur in volatile memory, it is not kept in any database or log of the miaa Cloudware.

Managed lifecycle

The miaa PrivateGroups is designed, set-up and operated using our Taking care managed lifecycle.

During the Build phase, our integration services will:

  • Coordinate with web developers, mobile developers, IT, Identity Management Platform vendor and any third party platform vendor in scope
  • Tailor the rules to be adopted by the PolicyChecker
  • Tailor the configuration settings and API endpoints

We hereby establish and configure key characteristics:

  • group constraints, e.g. a group may only contain 1 owner and no more than 4 other members
  • shareable assets, e.g. a group represents a paid article, or an appliance, a pet, a set of subscriptions, or a loyalty discount
  • access rules, e.g. only the owner can invite new members, yet members can create a group for sharing other subscriptions
  • expiration periods, e.g. an invitation expires after 5 days.