Versatile identity proofing

miaa ProfileConnect enables self-declarations. It performs secure, real-time validation of the declaration against a CRM, an internal or external authoritative source and even a workflow. This allows users to administer their roles and subscriptions, while your back-office systems or processes can validate these declared claims. For example, self-declarations can include:

  • subscriber versus prospect or visitor
  • retail customer versus corporate customer
  • authorised dealer versus prospect
  • health care professional versus visitor
  • authorised technician
  • veterinarian, nurse, breeder, hotel staff, shop staff
  • employee, subcontractor, agent, associate
  • advertiser

Of course, different types of self-declarations can be combined. For example employee who is also a retail customer.

Please refer to Scalable B2B access and Ecosystem for some use cases.


With miaa ProfileConnect, you enable users to claim a ‘role’ themselves. Afterwards, miaa ProfileConnect verifies with a back office process, a back office database or an external service (the “authoritative source”) whether the person should have that role. No more back-office administration and manual forms: only (semi)automated approvals. 

For example: miaa ProfileConnect can check against your CRM to see whether the user has a subscription or is a known customer. miaa ProfileConnect can for example check against the IMS OneKey service to see whether the user is a health care professional, or even a medical doctor with a certain specialty. miaa ProfileConnect can check against your Active Directory to see whether a person is an employee or a registered subcontractor.