Managed synchronisation

miaa ProfileSync enables the synchronisation of the creation and updates of a user profile with a back-end system, in real-time. This back-end system is typically a CRM (e.g. SalesForce), a marketing tool (e.g. Epsilon), a billing platform (e.g. Zuora), a directory (e.g. Microsoft AD), a campaigning tool (e.g. Selligent, NP6, SmartFocus), a gamification engine (e.g. Qualifio) and even an API-enabled proprietary system and a legacy single sign-on system.

miaa ProfileSync applies business rules tailored for your use cases:

  1. it catches updates from the Identity Management Platform
  2. it fetches the updated profile and converts the data into the conventions of the target platform
  3. it calls a specific API of the target platform to push the update
  4. it queues and retrials delivery in case of disruptions in the target platform
  5. it logs abandoned retries for manual processing later on.