miaa Self-service App offers a web-based user interface built according to custom styling, branding, translations and reference data.

Managed self-service

miaa Self-service App enables an industrialised roll-out of the user interface onto your Identity Management platform. Totally branded for you, it includes responsive panels for registration, login, profile maintenance, consent management, preference management and progressive profiling. It includes graphical elements of choice, includes anchors for event business intelligence analysis and can include calls to external platforms or back-end systems.

Since miaa Self-service App adopts responsive design and can be implemented as In App Browser Tab panels, it is made for the mobile-first generation.

miaa Self-service App includes a series of out-of-the-box options for field validation:

  • password quality check, with a strength indicator
  • password display on/off feature
  • spinning wheel
  • tags to feed event analysis and behaviour tracking platforms
  • address verification, using an external API service
  • phone number conversion, using an external API service
  • conditional progressive profiling using miaa PolicyGate.

Direct back-end integration

To enable miaa Self-service App to use back-end data within the user interface onto your Identity Management platform, we offer miaa ProfileSync. It essentially provides miaa Self-service App with a server-side component. This component calls the API of back-end systems securely on behalf of an authenticated user. This way the app can display information from a back-end system and can update a back-end system with new user-entered information. In real-time. And secured.

Examples are fields that are maintained by a CRM and digital marketing hubs and by campaign and newsletter management platforms. Such platforms include SalesForce, Epsilon, Selligent, Sendinblue, SmartFocus.

Enabling GDPR compliance

In combination with miaa PolicyGate, miaa Self-service App obtains a fresh consent from the user. Moreover, it may require the user toacceptance the most recent version of your privacy policy and terms & conditions.

In combination with miaa ProfileSync, miaa Self-service App erases all personal information in the account when the user asks to be forgotten. It will also ensure that the forget-me instruction is pushed to the back-end systems. It will, however, keep certain metadata so you know who must be forgotten and so you can handle potential privacy claims with historic data.

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Localisation and branding

To enable group-wide and world-wide deployments, miaa Self-service App is customised in various ways:

  • Additional languages for the text in the panels, the naming of the fields, the text of the error messages and the text of certain e-mail components
  • Additional brands with different graphical layouts in terms of images, style, colours, fonts, and text
  • Additional variants to enable different forms with other fields that are mandatory/optional/not-available, or visible/invisible, or with default values, drop down lists or not.

Offered as managed service

miaa Self-service App is designed, set-up and operated using our Taking care managed life-cycle.

To facilitate group-wide and world-wide deployments, we use a sophisticated ‘instantiation mechanism’ to manage the multitude of variants, brands and over a hundred languages. Rather than a ‘wizard’ for a one-size-fits-all, this mechanism is offered as a managed service. This means that we will configure the variants and languages as a service for you, so that we can implement a very different, unique and advanced user experience.

During the Build phase, we will customise its behaviour:

  • Tailor the validation and cross-validation rules
  • Tailor the user journeys
  • Include custom newsletter enrolments
  • Include custom validations
  • Design dropdown menus using custom reference data
  • Design the graphical layout based on your style guide and branding