Driving user engagement

miaa ProfileConnect allows you, for example, to invite newsletter subscribers to register with a full user profile. Also other sources of e-mail addresses can be fed to the miaa ProfileConnect and other type of requests can be produced.

miaa ProfileConnect produces a clickable, secure and verifiable token that embeds an instruction for the user. This so-called RequestToken is tailored for your use case(s). For example:

  • preregistration-as-a-service: set up a campaign and stimulate people who have been recorded by an e-mail harvesting platform to register with a full profile. E-mail harvesting may use old newsletter subscriptions, contest participation, conference attendance lists, e-commerce transaction logs, etc.
  • encourage people who were invited by a colleague or family member using miaa PrivateGroups to register with a full profile when
  • ask people to confirm a change of e-mail address before making it definitive
  • ask people to confirm a second (professional) e-mail address before using it for granting access
  • ask people to confirm their subscription before granting access to premium content
  • etc.