Taking care of your digital access

Managing and integrating a secure solution for access management is not necessarily your core business. To enable you focus on the benefits of access control and explore new, profitable business models, we offer to take care of your access control. From design & build to run & support. With expertise, with pragmatism, with care.


To help refine your business model using access control, you want to benefit from many years of experience in product management and from constantly refreshed expertise in security management and cloud technology. Our advisory services offer exactly that and further help you model the user experience and chrystallise the integration patterns.


For frictionless access control that is robust and secure, you want someone to build it in a proven way. We set up the managed access solution and integrate with front-end and back-end systems during the Build using proven accelerators and plug-ins that offer:

  • user interaction taking care of your branding, textual, graphical, content and flow requirements
  • synchronisation of your back-end systems in real-time (or on a periodic basis), including data conversions and filtering.
  • access control that is made super-scalable thanks to self-administration under your control.


To continuously benefit from your access control solution, you want it to be taken care of. Day and night. We operate, monitor and maintain the entire solution during the Run. And to ensure overall success, we guide, assist and support your web developers, your enterprise architects, your IT teams and your mobile developers in the integration of the solution.

And we’ll stay on your side with our on-demand expertise: