Managed implementation

Our integration services are executed with proven work packages and using proven plug-ins: the miaa Cloudware. Because we know what needs to be done and how complex your environment can be, and thanks to a full bag of accelerators and plug-ins, we offer integration as a ‘managed service’. Managed services offer predictability, accelerated roll-out and premium quality.

Our Plan services ensure we build the right things. Our Run services ensure we are building the things right, because we take responsibility during its entire lifecycle.

Our managed work packages include:

  • Connecting a front-end to the Identity Management platform for registration, single sign-on, step-up authentication and progressive profiling. Examples of front-ends: website based on a CMS, a legacy website, a mobile app, a content delivery server,and gamification, loyalty, or couponing platforms.
  • Connecting a back-end applications to the Identity Management platform, for real-time or periodic synchronisation. Examples of back-end systems: CRM, subscription management, campaign management, BI tools, newsletter platform.
  • Connecting an authoritative source of identities to the Identity Management platform for real-time or periodic synchronisation, or for a one-off migration of users. Examples of authoritative sources are: HR-databases, CRM platforms and legacy identity repositories.
  • Connecting a fine-grained access control system to theIdentity Management platform for continuous provisioning and for periodic verification. Examples of target systems are: AD, Azure AD, LDAP, RBAC, embedded access control such is with SAP and SalesForce
  • Connecting an identity provider to the Identity Management platform. Examples of identity providers are: social media (e.g. Facebook), a national id (e.g. eID), a federated-id maintained by a partner organisation.
  • Providing a self-service user interface for end users, in different languages, in different styles and with different flows
  • Providing a console for helpdesks, business users, and auditors.

Agile Integration

We tailor the components in an agile way, testing regularly with your business managers, front-end and back-end developers and seeking feedback from your team on a weekly basis. After this agile development period, the requirements are temporarily frozen to enable stable acceptance testing. After any corrections and finalisation of acceptance testing, the components are released to production. At this moment, changes will be applied in a very controlled way following the Run procedures, in order to preserve integrity and data privacy.