Premium advisory services

Because a digital identity & access management has a wide impact in terms of branding, user experience, corporate security and privacy compliance, experience has shown that a key success factor is engagement of many stakeholders early on. This includes the web development teams, the IT teams dealing with master data and back office applications, branding specialists, customer segmentation specialists, and legal and security officers.

Obtaining buy-in

We orchestrate and lead work sessions to define the integration strategy and to obtain decisions on some strategic choices. And because we know what needs to be decided and how we can obtain solid decisions, our advisory services are packaged as ‘managed services’. This offers you predictability in timing and superb quality of the deliverables.

Typical topics are:

  • refine the agreed upon goals, functional needs and constraints
  • positiondigital identity & access management within the overall IT and web landscape
  • determine how to resolve back-end dependencies, such as with behavioural tracking and databases with favourites, preferences, consumer history etc.
  • determine the type of rules and combination of rules to be applied
  • make choices relative to single sign-on experience
  • determine any data shielding rules to be applied
  • refine the user journeys
  • establish the graphical design and style of the user interface.

We also do what we preach: we not only design and architect, we also Build and Run your digital access solution.