Managed lifecycle services

We are prepared to take full responsbility of the quality and longevity of the solutions we implemented during the Plan and Build phase. Our operational services are packaged to monitor and maintain the managed access solution, to provide aftercare, and to assist audit and review.

The operations, maintenace & support typcially includes:

  • Setting up a development, staging and production environments for the managed access solution, maintaining the different releases, and maintaining secret keys in the miaa Vault.
  • Providing aftercare and handling incidents, change requests, activation requests, and requests for service.
  • Managing a attestation round for team leaders to confirm the access rights of their team
  • Assisting auditors in their audit relative to the operations of the managed access solution and the access rights granted to internal users and end users.

Controlled operations

In order to preserve the privacy of end users, we apply strict procedures and access rules adopting an auditable ISO 27001 ISMS. This implies that our development teams can only access production data in exceptional and controlled circumstances.

Additionally, we design our deliverables and miaa Cloudware to apply only logic according to approved specifications and agreed upon rules for data mapping, conversion, access and display.

Relative to the infrastructure of the miaa Cloudware, we undertake:

  • to set up the miaa Vault to manage all security settings and accounts and all API secrets, sFTP secrets and SSL certificates of the miaa Cloudware
  • to set up and rent sufficient cloud capacity and a number of sophisticated cloud functionalities that achieve optimal availability, response times and scalability
  • to maintain and manage the configuration and to keep the miaa Cloudware release/version in synch with your Identity Management Platform
  • to monitor its operational logs, uptime, connection-loss and capacity utilisation and to watch the purpose-built alerting to anticipate any potential problem on a 24×7 basis
  • to adopt the miaa OnDemand procedures to investigate issues and respond to alerts.