Get a handle on your ecosystem

The key to success of large scale web platforms is self-service for the users to build their eco-system.

To understand the dynamics in your eco-system, you want to obtain a view on the relationships. Using your own core products, you can invite people to connect to each other by ‘sharing’ access to your product. For example:

  • Sharing the maintenance role for an appliance. By setting up a maintenance record for an appliance, the owner can link up with professionals such as the vendor, the store and the technicians on your site
  • Sharing the monitoring role of internet-of-things. By setting up a monitoring record for a smart device, building owners can connect with professionals such as the vendor, the technicians and the alarm centre
  • Sharing a subscription between the payer and his/her family members. By considering the subscription as a shareable item (magazines, e-books, video streams, music and other paid content) family members connect with each other on your site.
  • Sharing a subscription or portal access. By considering such premium access as a shareable item, team members of an accounting firm connect with each other on your portals
  • Sharing a loyalty scheme between the card owner and the family members and shops.

By having people connect to each on your digital services (sites, portals, apps), you get an idea of the dynamics in the eco-system around your core products.

Learn more about our solutions based on miaa PrivateGroups in combination with miaa PolicyGate.