Identity-less Authorisation

miaa Access enables access through a third party system to which the identity of the user should not be exposed. miaa Access allows you to engage third party platforms, third party virtual assistants, an enterprise service bus and content streaming, without revealing the identity of your customers to them. Using secure token exchange and anonymous access tokens, access can be granted in full confidence, even without knowing the user’s identity.

Keep control over third party apps

miaa Access enables you to build and deploy apps (such as a multi-brand home automation app or an Alexa skill) that integrate with other cloud platforms. Using user-ID’s that are managed by you mean:

  • you obtain relevant profiling of your users
  • you retain full control of access to your appliances
  • you can offer multi-user access, with different roles per person

This film illustrates the proposition using a ‘number generator’ as example:

Because the number generator could be used for gambling, you want it to verify the age. As an Alexa skill, you also want it to be robust, fast, always on and accessible by your family members. The identity-awareness of the Alexa skill created using miaa PrivateGroups implements all these features. Out of the box.

Of course, this principle applies also for other Alexa skills such as appliance controllers, monitors, subscription-based content, loyalty schemes, gamification, etc.

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Note: we help make Alexa skills identity-aware – we do not sell Alexa skills such as Mr.Lucky.