miaa PrivateGroups enables you to build and deploy event hospitality services that are identity-aware. Identity-aware hospitality services mean:

  • you know who is invited and what their profile is including preferences and past attendance
  • you know who invited who so you can graph the relationships between sponsors and invitees
  • you control admittance to the event and who is vouching for a guest

This film illustrates the proposition using the VIP lounge at a volleyball tournament as example:

Of course, this principle applies also to business lounges, business seats in stadiums, seminars, cocktails, happenings, fashion shows, etc.

Because hospitality services are often paid for by sponsors, you want to control who can host an event and who can invite who. You also want the invitation scheme to be secure, robust, fast and always on. The identity-awareness of hospitality services set up using miaa PrivateGroups implements all these features. Out of the box.

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Note: we help make event hospitality identity-aware – we do not sell ticketing systems or hospitality services.