Multi-person use of IoT

miaa Access enables the use of smart devices by multiple people, each with their own different role. miaa Access offers an intuitive model for an installer to hand-over control to the owner who can then share the use with other people. Additionally, the model enables access for maintenance engineers and temporary and billable access by guests.

Self-serviced, smart authorisation

miaa Access allows you to orchestrate shared use of devices a. Users manage their own relationships with a device. Through corroboration workflows, self-declared relationships are confirmed by others. The miaa Access rule engine takes authorisation decisions in function of the type and status of the relations.

By orchestrating shared use of devices, miaa Access enables:

  • avoidance of on-device passwords – this way you avoid vulnerabilities with default admin password
  • access control using profile attributes of the user, including role and context
  • multi-user access, with different attributes per person

For example, a smart doorlock protects your valuables, so you want it to be secure and accessible by multiple users. You also want it to be robust, fast and always on. The identity-awareness of the smart doorlock created using miaa PrivateGroups implements all these features. Out of the box. Download the case study for a detailed description.

Of course, this principle applies also for other appliances such as bicycle locks, baby monitors, thermostats, video surveillance cameras, heart monitors, etc.

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Note: we help make smart devices identity-aware – we do not sell smart doorlocks.