LEUVEN, Belgium, October 9, 2017 — miaa Guard announces that Janrain licences, resells and supports the cloud-based add-ons for customer access management under a global OEM agreement. Building on a strong partnership since 2014, Janrain has extended its Janrain Identity Cloudtm with miaa Guard’s access management add-ons.

Products in the Janrain/miaa Guard OEM portfolio include:

  • miaa PolicyGatetm offers a rich API to implement strong, centrally governed, token-driven access control and progressive profiling;
  • miaa PrivateGroupstm offers a rich API built on top of the Janrain Identity Cloud for delegated administration, access management for identity-of-things, and active eco-system management;
  • miaa ProfileSynctm extends Janrain with outbound API calls using efficient built-for-purpose middleware that is triggered by Janrain’s unique granular web hooks.

This new OEM offering helps Janrain provide its customers with solutions for family management, delegated administration and IoT access management.

The combination of Janrain Identity Cloud and the OEM of miaa Guard’s access management add-ons has proven to be very powerful. The combination enables existing and future Janrain customers to respond to their growing demands for controlled access in mobile, B2C, B2B and IoT environments.

Technical note: The OEM add-ons extend Janrain Identity Cloud with self-service of access rights and the full spectrum of Open ID Connect 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 capabilities for access control within the XACML 3.0 reference architecture and adopting all OAuth 2.0 grant types. The default set of access rules can be extended using Janrain Advanced Policy Managertm. The delegated administration of users and access rights using self-declared claims that are verified against authoritative sources, create a super-scalable access management model.