Access using profile attributes

In order to control access to your digital content, you want to validate certain rules before granting access. Examples of such rules are:

  • does the person have the right age?
  • does the person live in the right country or region?
  • is the person a confirmed customer?
  • did the person review or update his details recently?
  • did the person logon recently?
  • did the person accept our new terms & conditions?
  • does the person have a valid subscription?
  • did the person already consume his coupon for free access?

Traditional implementations perform the check in the browser, in the mobile app or on the web server. Implementing the rules in the browser is not secure and can be circumvented by a user. Implementing the rules in the mobile app requires a new version to be released in the app stores everytime the rules change. Implementing the rules serverside still requires distribution of the code to all websites, web services and content delivery servers. Having a third party enforcing the rules may require too much trust.

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