Family Sharing makes it easy for your users and their family members to share digital products. Getting set up is simple for your users: after selecting what they want to share, they invite their family members to join, and enjoy each other’s digital products.

Enabling end-users to share their access rights

miaa Access’s provides a set of APIs that enables customers to extend their line of products and services by introducing shared family accounts. miaa Access manages and facilitates shared access to online subscriptions, loyalty programs, and to other products and services like fuel cards and insurance policies. miaa Access’s user-centric model enables users to self-service their own family account and invite family members to join and share their account.

miaa Access provides self-service capabilities that enables the family account holder to easily and securely add/remove family members to their account without requiring any support by back-office staff. In addition, miaa Access’s model facilitates shared access through the use of individual user profiles. This means that each member of a family accesses the shared family account by logging in with their own individual user profile. This enables the customer to monitor individual user behavior and track exactly how their products and services is being used by each family member. miaa Access also provides capabilities that enables parents to give consent on behalf of minors over how their children’s personal data can be processed.

By comparison, with traditional models of shared family accounts, individual users don’t login to a family account with their own individual user profile. This model, however, prevents product and service providers from getting an insight into how their individual users interact with their products and services within a shared family account as they can’t link actions to individual users. Moreover, traditional models struggle with account abuse as product and service providers can’t detect whether users are sharing their accounts with unauthorized users. miaa Access, on the other hand, enables product and service providers to detect account abuse and monitor individual user behavior by facilitating shared family accounts through the use of individual user profiles.

Family Sharing core features include:

  • Self-service capabilities
  • Use of individual user profiles
  • Consent management

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